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Real estate web application demo

Real.Estate is a full-stack web application demo with a visitor side and an admin panel. On the visitor side viewers can search and view the listings, read important information, explore the blog and sign up to the newsletter. On the admin panel, administrators can manage the listings. They can edit properties, manage images, select a template that defines how the listing is presented to the viewers and other useful features.



ARCHINET is an Architectural/Interior design 360 panorama website. It is fully responsive looks great on mobile as well as ultra-wide movie screens. The 360 panorama background is interactive.


Hotel guide

Tropical-themed travel blog and hotel guide website concept design.


Restaurant website demo

An urban restaurant demo website with a focus on food, drinks, and the vibe of the place. The visually rich pages represent the restaurant well, especially on larger screens. The Menu pages are clean, distraction-free, and optimized for mobile to be used by guests as an online menu.


Photo studio portfolio website demo

A34 STUDIO is a modern, responsive portfolio demo website. It has an artistic approach and unique interactive features that set it apart from the average portfolio sites.


Science-fiction inspired web user interface demo.

A sci-fi web user-interface demo with SVG animated graphics that scale well to any screen size.


Mixed designs

Mixed pages from different website designs